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The Patented Back Rack - Brings instant relief from back pain!

Telephone: +44(0)207-631-3067 Emergencies: +44(0)7710-901140
Suite 17, Milford House - 7 Queen Ann St. (off Harley St.), London, W1G 9HN
Established 1969 - over 40 years experience in treating spinal disorders
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Mr. Luklinski
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They are based upon guest book and clinical records.

For the others concerned sceptics... Thousands of patients use daily Mr. Luklinski treatment-preventative SPINAL MOBILISERS/BACK CARE SYSTEM, a unique and most effective system worldwide.

The following cured patients cases are self-expressed grateful opinions and represent chronic/acute, complex cases, labelled "incurable" and failed to treat by others spine related "Specialists" but successfully treated by Mr. Luklinski and now enjoying a back pain free life.

Non-specialists spine "EXPERTS" include:
- NHS system;
- MDs variety (Ortho./Spinal surgeons, Reumatologists, Neurologists, so called Pain Managements, Chirop., Osteop.,Physio.), in majority of cases a mixture of all listed.

Non-specialists offer "treatment" compatible with their original background, but without postgraduate training, hence all resulting in failures, and eventually ineffective surgery!

The only true Spinal Specialists are those specialized in Orthopaedic Medicine/Spinal Rehabilitation/Manipulative Therapy (Cyriax-Maitland experts) with "causative" curability of 99.5 %. That is Mr. Luklinski's unique blend of 45 years clinical background.

Non-spinal specialists bring to CLINICAL INCOMPETENCE --> MISDIAGNOSIS --> MISTREATMENT --> FAILED SURGERIES --> life disability!

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