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Suite 17, Milford House - 7 Queen Ann St. (off Harley St.), London, W1G 9HN
Established 1969 - over 40 years experience in treating spinal disorders
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WHO TREAT SPINAL DISORDERS / medical specialities - OVERWIEW....

  • Orthopaedic Medicine / Prof J.Cyriax / = Orthopedic Medicine = Prof.J.Maitland / Australia /
    The ONLY specialities of spine = BEST = in the world ,curability 99.75 %...of ALL CASES.

  • Orthopadic spinal surgery = operable 0.25% - 0.3% / have of back pain , pretty USELESS SPECIALITY / EDUCATED .........? /................. =...DECEIPTFULL ..... / again physiotherapy followed by surgery.....INEVITABLY ....
    They supplement..themselves.....in bone deformity,tumors / 7-10 per million /,otherwise surgeons would be..... UNEMPLOYED...and now they are BUSY.. However surgery is carried for MONEY profit ONLY .../ USA - world leader = EVERY patient is operated...RE-operated ...4-5 times.It is the biggest FRAUD in the world.SCAM is COSTING 15 BILLION per year and rising.Diagnosis is FALSE / MRI SCAN = up to 75%.../,patients are NOT examined ....because surgeons CAN NOT examined ,beind BLIND CLINICALLY having NO..... skills..VERY POORLY EDUCATED .....,so called consultants...65.000/UK physiotherapists - basic ..NOT spinal / NHS / are core of treatment .Taught science which DOES NOT WORK - THEREOTICIANS ...make more NOISE than can do ..98 % physiotherapy and 2% surgery..Cant mobilise / manipulate....ZERO skills.yet...Fashionable ....surgery / lucrative INCOME .Surgery costs 35 = 200.000 PER YEAR plus .... / UK - rising.re - operations.....In USA op can COST up to 1 million....1.5 million BRAIN - WASHED are easy fodder...for chop. ... BACK PAIN SOCIETY,UK / since 1972 / for 50-ty years has produced NOTHING...current chairman /physiot. / HAS NO ANSWERED my BACK RACK ...query,NO WONDER they DOES NOT UNDERSTOOD - Back Rack concept.They are USELESS body. OVER 35 surgeons,so ...called....... academic professors / UK,SWEDEN - Karolinska /,Belgium,Netherlands,Germany,USA,Poland has been approached - 4 GAVE TESTIMONIALS - rest have NO CLUE - pseudo-specialists ..as always USELESS BLIND = surgery..and THEORY... Prof.Porter - past chair of Royal Society of Surgeons says that Non-life threating procedures are carried out for LIFE THREATHNING procedures.ONLY 10 = 15 are fully.. trained in UK......? / prof Porter /.Dismissive of USELESS surgery / BUCHERY / HAVE BEEN - dr Cyriax,Mr,Wadell / UK 0.25 - 03% /.Dr,D.TROUP, Mr.Carriage, Mr.Weinstain /USA /and others..ALL procedures are FALSE and MISDIAGNOSED claimed otherwise as safe......?????

  • Chiropractors / VERY DANGEROUS / FICTICIOUS claims..75.000 in USA
    Have no a clue how to diagnose / treat /as admitted by chiro.board in USA /.advocating using DDD - USELESS / gimmick for 45 years old -TRACTION.Use short leveriges - HOPELESS... Prof.Ernst/USA proved over 750 CASES KILLED by chiropractors...They can not treat CHRONIC cases.Prof Cyriax called them QUACKS...my own experience is same,DAMAGE patient.They..routinely.VERY ...DANGEROUS and useless.Do not know CONTRAINDICATIONS.

  • Osteopaths.
    Similar to chiro.,slightly better...DO NOT know how to examine / treat chronic cases - using long leverages clink and clunk every time...Prof,Cyriax called QUACKS...my own experience is the same. Routinue DAMAGE patients/do not know CONTRAINDICATIONS .

  • Physiotherapits
    65.000 /NHS = work for SURGEONS ../ subservient..to medical profession....ALL SPINAL LAYMANS /USELESS ,except for specialised in Maitland / HIGHLY SKILLED - very small number...

  • REUMATOLOGISTS - USELESS... ,so called speciality .....PHYSIO.99% - DRUGS. injections - hopeless diagnosticians..MISTAKES very common.

  • NEUROLOGISTS = Theoreticins ,know what they can not do NOTHING about STROKES / USELESS - PATHETHIC.....THEORETICIANS

  • GP = USELESS in everything ,very poorly tranied /drugs,nothing else / ONLY refer to hospital - CAN NOT DIAGNOSE.EXAMINE.

  • Anestesiologists / so called Pain Managment = USELESS LAYMANS make ......consultants,write reports ?....THEORY.... drugs only.cant examine / TREAT because constipated ,too much sitting...NHS.
    EVERY physician does give DIFFERENT diagnosis..99% WRONG .......resulting in USELESS operation,PATIENT HAS SUCESSFULL OPERATION ,but patient .....DIES...

RESEARCH -1980 / 82
Phd resercher in Cambridge done survey on 5000 medical doctors.
Results - 65% should NOT practice medicine.
15% - acceptable....... standard
10 % - good
5% - very good
5% - excelent
The medical applicants are NOT intelligent,just PLODDERS.,robotic ,.....lacking in imagination and flair....
77.5% of qualified doctors DO NOT WANT PRACTISE MEDICINE...