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PHYSICIANS FORUM - Fallacies of surgical treatment

READ book CROOKED / SCAM by C.J.RAMIN / USA,Harper publiehers $16.99

For years I, B. Luklinski, a spinal specialist, have voiced unyielding criticism of ineffectual and obsolete spinal surgical procedures. These can be clinically proven to be false conceptually and by application.

Evaluations of these spinal surgical procedures are based on self-assessed allegations of success, supported by biased and selected research data.

A few quotations first, followed by a list of articles:

"Spinal surgeries being non-life threatning conditions are carried out by life threatning procedures" (in the UK only 10-20 spinal surgeons are qualified!)
Prof. W. Porter,
Past President of Royal College of Surgeons,U.K

"Regardless of medical/para qualifications, any clinician without specialistic spinal training = spinal speciality (Orthop. Medicine) is a dangerous clinical quack."
Prof .A.Gruca
Emminent President/Orth.Surgeon, Poland (and life back pain sufferer) .

"I wished having been younger to train under Mr. Luklinski!
Prof. A.Pachalski,
Orth. Surgeon (rtd). (my ex-colleague. O/M is not taught in Poland or E. Europe).

"Osteopathy/Chiropractic are clinically false."
Prof. Dr. J.Cyriax (Orthop. Medicine founder),

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