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Spine Surgery Cost

Spine Surgery Cost: The Figures Behind Pain Relief

About 2.4 million Americans are disabled due to chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain is often associated with spine or back surgery if it becomes a disturbing nuisance and conservative treatments fail to provide relief. Spine surgery refers to the surgical procedure done to the spine in order to correct abnormal spine conditions such as herniated discs and fractures. Spine surgery is an effective procedure in relieving chronic back pain, but before any patient should consider having this operation, proper consultation with the surgeon is necessary. This is done to find out about the risk and the spine surgery cost wish is involved in this procedure.

Speaking of spine surgery and its cost, the figures involved in having this type of procedure are actually high. The average spine surgery cost ranges from $6,000 to $8,000. This is only for the basic procedures such as decompression or endoscopic back surgery. As the surgical procedure becomes more and more complex, which requires much more expertise and time, the cost also increases.

For instance, procedures that involve spinal fusion may cost from around $15,000 to $17,000. Spondylodesis spine surgery costs $12,000 - $15,000. Vertebroplasty costs around $2,500. However, a somewhat similar procedure to vertebroplasty called as kyphoplasty, which makes use of a balloon-like device and bone cement costs around $14,000. Therefore, though a procedure may not be that difficult, if it involves a lot of special handling, skills, and time - then patients must expect that its price will shoot up high.

The most highly expensive spine procedures are laminectomy and spinal fusion wherein the prices are around $50-$90,000 and $80,000-$150,000, respectively. The prices of these two procedures are really at the top - but that's not all, if special implants such as X-stop implants or titanium fusion devices were used, the total bill of the patient may be more than $150,000.

Obviously, there is no standardized spine surgery cost - only the surgeon or the facility can determine the marked ceiling price of spine surgeries. However, institutions do provide a range of the average price that each spine operation may cost. That is why; patients are encouraged to research and ask for a second opinion before accepting a spine surgery.

There is a significant buzz in the medical market about doctors, and even institutions abusing the use of spine surgery to gain larger profit. Studies say that there are approximately 44,000 unnecessary surgeries in the U.S. every year. This disturbing fact should alarm patients and this must also serve as a warning to opportunists.

Patients should always remember that spine surgeries are last resorts to back or spine conditions. Before agreeing to having the procedure, each patient should make sure that more conservative back treatment methods must have been applied and exhausted to the fullest extent before a spine surgery should be initiated.

As you see our website is filled with a large number of articles concerning herniated disc and herniated disc back surgery. We hope this information on spine surgery cost was helpful.

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