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Mr. Luklinski

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Mr. B.M. Luklinski
Sport Qualifications: MSc Physical Education, Dip. Athletic Coach (Track&Field)

This Sport CV is intended to show Mr. Luklinski's understanding of problematics in professional sport and Sport Rehabilitation. It is intended for those sport-professionals who will want to visit His spine Clinic too.

Non-stop competitive athlete since age 13

  • At MKS Nova Huta: high jump, triple jump (13.02 first time ever!), 400 m (57.9 first time!).
  • Best High school high jumper (186cm at 15yo).
  • 3rd in Polish Junior High Jump Chapmpionships. Cracow county player (handball). Played football in Hutnik N.Huta as junior.
  • Voted best basket-ball player in N.Huta (Cracow) (scored 88 pts in 1 school match!).
  • Played center position in Hutnik N.Huta (2nd division), period 1960-63, 1st team (as best junior).
  • Played Wisla Cracow 1st team (Polish Champions) between 1962/65, voted 2nd best junior after M.Michalowski (who died tragically).
  • Played a training match against NBA selection (featuring Oscar Robertson, Bill Cousy, Bill Russell... - all the best of the period except injured Wilt Chamberlain). Offered along with Michalowski to play as juniors in NBA, USA. Obviously impossible because of the iron curtain!
  • 1965-69 forced to play as student for P.E University at Polish championships (voted team best player) Wroclaw/Poznan (twice 2nd place).
  • Member of the Polish national basketball squad. His fantastic colleague and 1st coach at the time, Jurek Kusiak, told him that he was the best talented player and could play in Olympics. Unfortunately at the time he was waisted by Wisla TS "idiot" coach, A. Mikulowski.
  • Self-retired from Basketball at 19yo after dispute with Coach A. Mikulowski. Refused to play in several first league teams afterwords...
  • Begun athletics at 19yo at Wisla Cracow (1st division). High jump/decathlon (1965-72). Competed internationally (Gwardia Club = Dinamo Potsdam): East Germany, Yugoslavia, Chechoslovakia.
  • Multieventer/decathlete since age of 21.
  • Moved to Britain in 1971. 1972-1977: competed in UK, multievents. PB 6.000 pts (with no Pole vault - High jump 192cm).
  • During the same time he was back to basketball. With Middlesborough Harriers competed in athletics in the Durham county league (3 years).
  • 1977/78 resided in Perth, WA, Australia. Voted best athlete "Lindsay Throphy", high jump champion (194cm), decathlon state runner up (7128pts).
  • Back to Britain in 1978. Joined G&G Club, Surrey (still part of it). G&G best ever athlete competing in the 1st/2nd and Veteran Divisions (simultanously). One season he attended 29 fixtures (9 events every time!).
  • Also played basketball for University of Surrey (several years). Scored 56 points in one match!

Bogdan Squatting
“Mr. B. Luklinski, 66 years young... half squatting, just on his back, 102Kgs!”

Bogdan Cleaning
“Here cleaning 80Kgs.”

Veteran Results

  • UK Athletics championships: several time attended. 2nd in Decathlon (at 42). 2 titles won subsequently. 2nd in high jump, 2nd in 110hurdles, 2nd in pole vault. Represented UK versus USA.
  • 1996 World Athletics Championships (Gateshead): 11th decathlon (with knee injury).
  • 2000 Euro Athletics Championships (Finland): 3rd 110m hurdles
  • 2002: Euro Athletics Championships Indoor (Bordeaux, France): after 3 events leading the Pentathlon by 400 pts. Then injured in high jump had to retire.
  • 2005: World Athletics Championships (S.Sebastian, Spain): 11th throws pentathlon. Retired at Decathlon (for an achilles injury).
  • 2006: World Athletics Championships Indoor (Linz, Austria): 4th in pentathlon (winning the high jump); 5th in 110m hurdles (all with heel injury, could not even walk!).
  • 2006: Euro Athletics Championships (Poznan, Poland): 7h in high jump; 7h in 110m hurdles; 21th in throws pentathlon.

Professional Coaching

  • Poland, 1st division (1969/70) Wawel Crakom /multievents.
  • Offered to be deputy national UK decathlon coach (in 1972) along with B. Longden; turned down position ("as no future... my right ever decision!").
  • Australia state Coach (1977/78).

Personal Bests (all best PBs on cinder track!)

  • 100m: 10.7
  • 150m: 15.9
  • 200m: 22.1
  • 300m: 35.8
  • 400m: 48.3 (relay, 49.1)
  • 110mHS 15.1
  • 1500: 4.36.8 (in decathlon)
  • Long Jump: 7.16m
  • High Jump: 194cm
  • Pole Vault: 365cm (metal pole); 390cm (old-fibre pole during training), 360cm (in decathlon)
  • Shot put: 13,86 (7.25 kg)
  • Discus throw: 44.68cm
  • Javelin throw: 52.68cm
  • Decathlon: 7128 pts
  • Vertical high jump: 88cm
  • Standing triple jump: 8.68m
  • Weight lifting: clean&jerk 126.5 kg, snatch 92.5 kg, full squat 150kg, half squat 325kg,