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Suite 17, Milford House - 7 Queen Ann St. (off Harley St.), London, W1G 9HN
Established 1969 - over 40 years experience in treating spinal disorders
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Mr. Luklinski
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Mr. B.M. Luklinski
MSc Medical Rehabilitation; MSc Physical Education; Dip Home Med.


The MSc qualification is based on a 4 year course followed by a further two years advanced 'double-sandwich' course in physical education and rehabilitation. Mr. Luklinski obtained his degree at Cracow University in Poland (his country of birth). He has specialised in spinal care for more than 45 years. By comparison a BSc degree is a lower credential, requiring only a three year course.
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You can consult Mr. Luklinski directly by E-MAIL on specific questions that you may have regarding your spinal condition, or you can complete our free online questionnaire to provide us with more detailed information. Any replies should be referred to your doctor for an opinion before taking any action regarding suggested treatment or exercises. Before consulting please read the FAQS


Our standard examination fee which includes an initial treatment session costs £750. On conclusion the patient is notified of the diagnosis and the available treatment options. An estimate of the cost of treatment required is given as soon as possible.

You can be referred for treatment by your health insurance company or on the NHS via your local doctor/GP.

A deposit (25% of total treatment costs) is normally requested to begin treatment. After several sessions of treatment the patient should notice a reduction in symptoms although initially there may be an exacerbation of symptoms within the first 72 hours. This is invariably a good sign however because it demonstrates that the cause of the disorder has been correctly diagnosed and is being affected by the treatment.

For example, pain in an arm with numbness in the fingers may increase during and shortly after treatment because the relevant nerve root causing the problem is irritated by the treatment required to normalise the gap between the spinal nerve and the joint/disc. When this irritation subsides however, the patient will experience relief from reduced impingement of the nerve root.

A review is carried out after three or four sessions and the full course of treatment required is then determined based upon the patient's clinical results. A patient may withdraw from treatment at any time without further commitment (outstandingcosts to be paid as required). The patient is discharged at the conclusion of the course of treatment orfull payment as agreed.

Please note that Mr Luklinski is not a medical doctor (MD) and there are no medical doctors working at our clinic. If you wish to see a doctor for treatment (for example to receive pharmaceutical medicine such as painkillers) please visit your local GP or Health Advisor.

Consent Form
Please note that any treatment provided will necessitate physical contact and hence the patient's consent to treatment must also include an implied consent to physical contact. Every patient will be required to sign a Consent to Treatment form prior to any examination and treatment, which sets out the agreed basis for treatment.

In accordance with established medical practice, no guarantee of a cure is ever given, but if an opinion is expressed that a cure can be effected, this MUST only be regarded as an expression of Mr Luklinski's professional opinion, and CANNOT be relied upon in any way as a guarantee of a cure, or even as an assurance regarding any possible result of treatment, because a Professional Opinion, like all other opinions or views, can turn out to be mistaken. Therefore if it is stated that your spinal condition can be cured, please bear in mind that we may prove to be wrong, because a cure may depend on factors beyond our control. A patient for example may lead a sedentary lifestyle based around the television set, in which case a lack of physical movement and proper exercise could lead to a spinal condition recurring.

We are pleased to say that once a course of treatment is concluded and the patient is discharged, we rarely see the same patient twice! That is a track record we are proud to declare.