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The Patented Back Rack - Brings instant relief from back pain!

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Suite 17, Milford House - 7 Queen Ann St. (off Harley St.), London, W1G 9HN
Established 1969 - over 40 years experience in treating spinal disorders
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Mr. Luklinski
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The Patented Back Rack - the Original and Still the Best!
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Registered as an Orthopaedic Device at the MHRA
PATENT NO: GB2333036 -
USA Patent No: 5,577,995 - Euro Patent No: 98959069. 0

A unique, safe, and effective remedy for relieving back-pain!

The Back Rack™ is an indispensable aid for patients suffering from spinal disorders. It will benefit sufferers of spine-related pain, and conditions such as sciatica and numbness caused by bulging discs.

Mr Luklinski is London's leading spinal specialist who has developed the Back-Rack for patients attending his Harley Street clinic in London, UK. The Back-Rack is given to patients during treatment to help reduce pain and to aid recovery. While it is not meant to be a substitute for physical treatment, it does provide a means for back pain sufferers to reduce the symptoms associated with many back conditions such as sciatica and herniated discs. It is a unique and effective product, and is of great benefit to patients suffering from back pain and stiffness. Unlike other spinal products which are merely marketing toys, this is an actual orthopaedic devicepatented in the UK (worldwide patents pending).


The Back-Rack™ 's precisely manufactured rollers align and decompress the facet joints which are located along either side of the spine. Unlike other "health" products that are designed by entrepreneurs with no medical qualifications or knowledge of the spine, the Back-Rack acts correctly and safely on the spinal column joints to decompress them, loosening stiffness and increasing mobility in the joints. Thus the cause and not the symptoms of back pain are safely treated.

There are no age or medical restrictions, and it is extremely simple to use. Simply by lying still and doing nothing (with legs bent at the knees), with the Back-Rack™ 's rollers aligned on either side of the spine, acute and chronic back pain can be greatly relieved. The Back-Rack can also be placed on a mattress or cushions to facilitate movement.

As with all medical products please seek medical clearance from your doctor before using the device (that covers us for liability purposes!)

The Back Rack The Facet Joints

Please note that currently our small model (72cm long) uses ball rollers for pelvic support while our large model (85cm long) uses two flat rollers for pelvic support, and the design and wood variation may change from the model shown.

Since making the Back-Rack™ generally available to non-patients via the internet, demand has constantly increased, but the Back-Rack™ is still only exclusively available via our clinic.

The Back-Rack™ is ideal for home and office use, hospital physiotherapy departments, sports clubs and fitness centres, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

The Back Rack™ is a UK registered patented medical device (GB 2333036), with worldwide patents pending. It is not meant to be a substitute for treatment at our clinic, but it is a definite aid to improving a patient's back condition and reducing pain.

The Back-Rack™is manufactured from quality European Beechwood or Ashwood - a tough and durable wood which will sustain years of reasonable use. It is manufactured using laser technology, giving the highest precision possible - which is a key factor for providing effective treatment (the individual nodule sizes and positioning are exact and uniform).
Length = 72 cm (small), 85cm (large)
Width = 26 cm
Height = 15 cm
Weight = 3 - 4 kg.
(All measurements are approximate)

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